5 Common Beliefs about Running Shoes

Sports shoes vary, especially shoes for athletes; that is why people keep asking about the best running shoes. This question may not have an easy answer. The reason I said this is because different shoes are made for different purposes. So, there is no way you can rate a shoe higher than other types. Again running shoes are designed for different types of people, feet and what the legs are using it for. Running shoes and runners are two different things together and cannot provide the same rating results. It’s usefulness lies on the type of person using it and the purpose of using it. All designer sport shoes like Asics, Adidas, Nike and others are manufactured in equal quality standards.

These designers cannot tell you much about shoes because different shoes have different models for different athletes. Just as some Australian t shirt companies cannot produce shoes, running shoes cannot be used for sprinting or playing football. The fact is that every company brand has their unique quality in every category of sport shoes they produce. There was an event where an athlete got some little pains on her feet and a shoe seller diagnosed and told her that she had developed weak ankles and this is because of the type of shoe she is wearing. He even went further to recommend a particular brand and the exact model for her. What I mean is that some shoes have air or Freon thereby creating convenience to the feet.

Well, in many cases, some specialized sports shoe sellers can assist in getting you the right perfect shoes to use because some runners have a natural feature of bent ankle bones which may likely cause further damage to them. You should also know that certain reasons can affect your choice of shoe. Issues like your weight, balance, muscular strength and frequency in motion. With all these considerations, the previous recommendation may not be accurate as you expect. Judging the rate of speed of an athlete is quite hard. A passionate runner once said that if you take a number of podiatrist, physical therapists and rehab doctors to go examine a runner on a track, they all will make different observations.

In response to all these belief systems, it will be fair to maintain that getting the right shoes for yourself involves a personal effort and not prescription from anybody. So, you need to discover what works for you at any given circumstance. To conclude this piece, I want you to know that an old and continuous belief concerning shoes holds that putting on shoes can make you run fast and protect you from any form of stress; but certainly, the ability to run faster comes from your strength which has been established within you as a result of constant running. Now, this lady believed that the cause of her crack was that type of shoe she has been using, and that she is supposed to follow the seller’s recommendation.


Tips for Choosing Athletic Shoes

It is normal that people run and jump as a form of exercise.  With new technological innovation, you need to know the type of shoe that will be just right for you. Of course you know that if you make a wrong choice of the athlete shoe, you may end up having aching heels and shin splints. Although some sports shoe sellers have the specialty of advising you on the type of shoe to buy, you still have the liberty to choose what is best for you. This article seeks to give you expert advice on how to buy your preferred new shoes. Since different shoes have different usage, it is advisable not to make shoes multitask.  Running shoes are more flexible while walking shoes are stiffer, that’s why it is reasonable to separate shoes for each of the activities.

Everyone claims they know the size of their foot because they have ten toes and two heels but it’s far more than that because feet comes in different shapes and being aware of your feet curves and structure will inform your choice of shoes. Furthermore, you have to know when to replace your shoes for new ones and according to research; this should be done after four hundred miles of use. It also added that once the shoes feel uncomfortable or the back of the sole is worn out, it’s time to replace them. Another important tip to consider here is that you need to get shoes whose features have what your feet clearly needs. Now, these circumstances favor those that easily experience ache and not ideal for athletes who easily suffer twisted ankles.

Another tip is; always measure your foot. There is a popular belief that adults don’t usually have changes in foot size but ironically, it does change. You should know that different shoes have different sizes, depending on the designer brand so, the best bet is for you to measure your foot at least two times every year. Whether you’re buying walking or running shoes, you need to feel comfortable in them. Just wear them and move about within the store to find out. You should also look out for a perfect size of shoes for yourself especially toward the end of the day when you must have had some walk and your feet had swollen a bit. This is when to know the shoe that best fit your legs. This is so because shoes that are too soft always have a lesser grip.

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